Internationalizing an Android app

At Trainline Europe, we sell train tickets for several countries in several languages. One could think translating an app is an easy task, but I believe one would be wrong.

Indeed, translating an app is not only about translating words, it is integrating a whole new language, culture and market into the same product. If you did not think about it from the beginning, you will end up in a lot of troubles.

I will walk you through some good practices we have at Trainline Europe based on our experience and the lessons we learned, sometimes the hard way.

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Review yourself!

This is not an Android focus article like I am used to on this blog. However, it describes a situation that can happen a lot to a mobile developer: a single developer team.

In this blog post, I will explain why and how I continued to do code reviews.

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Post-mortem : Firebase vs permissions

Two weeks ago in our last Android version, we released a new feature with Firebase: Personal App Indexing. It was the first time we release a feature based on Firebase in our Trainline application. Indeed, we were still using Play Services because we did not have a good reason to migrate yet. Since Personal App Indexing was only available with Firebase, no choice!

Spoiler: we had problems with permissions.

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Story of my metro pass

I have a fun story to tell from last night that makes so much sense in Android development that I thought I should share it.

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Talk - DevOps on Android

I had the opportunity to give this talk at several conferences in the last year. Slides and speech have been improved month after month, conference after conference. Slides are available on Speaker Deck En and the video has been released on Youtube.

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